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Sterling Washroom Services Ltd

Washroom and Janitorial Products

At Sterling Washroom Services, we recognise the importance of maintaining hygienic and sanitary premises for your staff and your customers. From our online shop, we supply and sell a wide variety of washroom and janitorial products across the UK, to ensure the highest safety standards are upheld in your business.

The products we provide online allow for your premises to be efficiently and expertly preserved in a clean and healthy state. A negative washroom encounter may have a negative effect on how your business is viewed as a whole, and at Sterling we are determined to deliver a great choice of supplies necessary to keep the standards of your services at a high level.

Our range of washroom, cleaning and janitorial products include clinical waste bins, dispensers, disinfectants, toilet rolls and more! Supplies at Sterling are great value for money, offering competitive prices on all, and we provide products to companies all across the UK.

Customer service is important to us so if you can’t find a product you are looking for online, please don’t worry. Our dedicated customer service team are happy to discuss any requirements you may have for your washroom or janitorial needs. We value your opinions so feel free to contact us on 0800 246 1979 today. A fast and easy customer portal is also available for our regular buyers, as we want to make your experience as efficient as possible. This means you can simply log in, purchase and log back out, with Sterling taking care of all the rest. So why not shop with us today to pick up your office hygiene essentials!